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Massive range of styles and colours

If you are looking for a unique addition to your home’s styling, consider a stable door today. At Force8 we have a wide range of stable door designs for you to choose from, although the ones featured on our website are just a few of the styles we can provide you with. Whatever your requirements are, we can work with you to find the best stable door for your property.

Our stable doors offer up an exciting alternative to traditional doors and they can be added to both contemporary and period homes. Whether you live in a country cottage or a fashionable townhouse, a stable door could be just the thing you have been looking for and adding one to your house will certainly make it stand out.

We create all of our composite stable doors at our Stockport factory and we can work with the measurements that you supply to create one that is just the right size for your building. These doors all come with the well-known benefits of composite doors, which include added security, energy efficiency and stunning designs.

You can add your own flourishes to your stable door, such as artwork or detailing. Our standard stable doors come with a square pane of double glazed glass in the upper section, although you could choose one of our textured glass designs to better suit your property.

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